I think that for all questions looking for particular data (as opposed to questions e.g. asking for the legal side of data) there should be a tag .g. , or at least there should be a good convention for titles.

For me a question which is "Is there a complete data for X?" the right answer is "Yes." or "No.".

It's StackExchange. If someone wants to ask for sth, it is the best when it is done in a direct ways.

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I would suggest using the same 'request' tag convention used by other sites… something like:

Feel free to suggest a better term for 'data', but I suggest following the basic [*-request] nomenclature.


I agree with you, I think there should be such a tag, to differentiate from some questions for example.

I would go more for , simple or even .

And I agree, all such questions may better have the title "What machine-readable data is available for ..." or "Which dataset provide information about ...".

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    data sounds too generic, but dataset looks great. May 8, 2013 at 19:44

title, text, and tagging conventions

I believe it would be easier to read through a list of "Where can I find X:" questions if there was a clear, minimalist title that provides key features required to identify data like:

Pigs (in space, pounds / year ) ?

With the units and scope in parantheses, and the question to indicate that they are looking. Perhaps there could be a "binocular" icon to represent "looking for".

Since many users will never see this post, when someone puts the phrase "I find" in the title field, a helpful notice could appear suggestings whatever conventions are adopted.

In addition, I think that there could be suggestions for relevant information that will help others provide useful answers, both in the text and tags. There is likely a set of key information (what where when ...) that could be requested, and this could make use of tags for categories and scopes of data.

Going off on a limb ... text and tags information could be used to search meta=-data of open data sets as the question is being typed ...

  • Also, I think license and format requirements should be specified.
    – Nicolas Raoul Mod
    Oct 28, 2014 at 8:46

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