Lately, I had several discussions with members from various Open Data communities and I realized that only a few of them are aware for Open Data StackExchange site. I was wondering if there is something we do wrong or there isn't a proper advertisement.

I haven't seen something similar to other meta sites, but I am thinking to create a list with all the possible "clients" of this website and start contacting with them with e-mails and let them know about the website.

Is this something that StackExchange encourage or not?

I will add the list as a wiki answer and please, feel free to update it without asking :)

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Advertising is definitely needed.

I am very active at Software Recommendations, and there we do a lot of advertising (or rather we did, now the site has become popular and does not need it anymore).

Without advertising we won't attract the people we target.

  • Can you share with us what kind of advertising you have done? I am also a member on Software Recommendation but not as much as here.
    – Tasos
    Commented Aug 29, 2014 at 10:46

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