So images are on-topic. How about source code?

I actually have a real-life need to find the source code for some product (which is presumably open source but difficult to find).

Often I have to find the source code of a driver of small library that moved hosting several times, and it can be very tricky to find the up-to-date source code. Pretty much the same challenges as when looking for other types of data.

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Since we currently allow data requests for other kinds of content such as and , I see no reason why data hunts for source code would not be welcome at the moment.

However once Open Source SE launches, we might need to reevaluate.

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Since open source is handled by StackOverflow's Open Source tag, I suggest we focus on open content (whether data or images).

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    Unfortunately such questions would be off-topic on StackOverflow: stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic Actually most questions with the Open Source tag are getting closed and downvoted it seems. – Nicolas Raoul Nov 6 '14 at 11:47

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