Let's create ads to make Open Data more widely known!

Propose your designs below, and also post them on the target networks.

Also, please upvote the ads where they are posted: Only ads with more than 6 votes get displayed.

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I created these: Open Data StackExchange Need datasets? Request anything at Open Data

Please upvote at:

Thanks! And feel free to create more :-)


The Community Ads at the GIS Stack Exchange are open for voting at the moment, and the one created there by @NicolasRaoul as a result of this question gets re-posted by me each year.

I think it is helpful to both the Open Data and GIS Stack Exchanges to have this answer to https://gis.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5287/community-ads-for-2021 upvoted.

Also, if anyone from Open Data would like to give the ad a fresh new look they should feel free to edit the existing answer there to do so.


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