If I learn about a public data set that others might find interesting, how should I let others know? Should I ask a question, such as, "Is anyone looking for outbreak data"?

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Go ahead and post a "question", and then answer it yourself. For example, "Where can I find outbreak data... related to ... ?"

Here is a recent question that was self-answered: Graph of Landsat Downloads

The meta-stackexchange site has an interesting discussion.

  • Posting data that's not open but requires purchase?
    – datasn.io
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If it is a portal site, you can post the site to our crowd-sourced catalog of open data portals. There are about 1450 sites cataloged currently.


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this is where having a wiki to go along with the forum would be killer. something along the lines of r/datasets on reddit. considering there isn't one here yet, i would post the new datasets there:


If it's research data, I'd also suggest submitting a listing for the archive/repository at re3data, the Registry of Research Repositories.

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