Currently we have 7 questions (with 8 followers) and 9 questions (with 3 followers). Is there really a difference between these two tags? Or should we merge them instead? If so, which one should we keep?

Also, Wikipedia defines parsing as the process of analysing a string of symbols, either in natural language or in computer languages, conforming to the rules of a formal grammar. Looking through our current questions, I'm not sure that any of them fit this definition.

What do you think?


Parsing and extracting are distinct for me. Extracting is the collecting (downloading), while parsing is the transformation (e.g. "ETL - Extract, Transform, Load").

Some examples of how I see it:

Extracting - collecting data

Parsing - turning data into information

  • I updated both tag description to reflect philshem answer
    – magdmartin
    Apr 29 '15 at 12:46

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