The latest edit to the data-request tag swapped out an example URI with a shortened URI, I'm wondering if this information is available and if there is more information like it.
Note: I had to remove https:// from the full paths to make these viewable.
Example Full URI:
Example Shortened URI:
I was impressed that this exists, and also that I am learning it from a new user. My question is where is this information available for others to learn?
I'm assuming q maps to questions and 17438 is the question id that maps to how-a-good-data-request-question-should-look.

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    Note that the shortened URL for a post is usually taken from the 'share' link, either from the pop-up, or right-clicking the link directly and copying the URL. And the new user isn't actually new to SE, but a highly active user on another SE site :) Though, it's unfortunate that tag excerpt doesn't actually allow link markdown, so it won't be rendered as a clickable link...
    – Andrew T.
    Commented Jul 8, 2020 at 14:02

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About a year ago, I tried to gather some documentation about the various URLs on Stack Exchange.

In your example, 284 is the question ID and 17438 the ID of user who made the edit. You'll get such a link when you click the 'share' button underneath a post. The user ID is important for badges like Announcer.

The reason you can't post the bare URLs is that they are automatically rendered. Including them as code works, you don't even need to remove the https://:


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