How long and how does the StackExchange site Graduate from the Beta phase? Does it depend on the number of visits or the number of questions per day?

Can OpenData SE graduate from the beta phase in the next couple of months or years?


The amount of time that Open Data has been in Beta can be seen from the age of its first question: Is there a list of all US Government agencies and sub agencies and is it available via API? i.e. 8 years 6 months as of today.

De-emphasising the beta designation by removing it from the banner on perpetual beta sites assures us that the path out of Beta for older sites is being worked on.

Personally, I think the Beta label should be removed as soon as a site has spent 7 years in Beta. The significance of 7 years, rather than less or more, is that it has previously been used to remove the Beta labels from 29 other sites at Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

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