I often randomly find questions (on StackOverflow, Statistics, etc) that are getting closed because they ask for data.

Since we lack questions, we should monitor these channels and educate askers about our site. After some time, the moderators and active users would get the idea and start doing the same.


So, what tags on what sites should we watch?
Please answer with clickable URLs that lead directly to the search, if possible.

  • I've found several good candidates on stackoverflow, however those questions were closed as out of topic are often marked as too old to be migrated ... I can't provide an example because I didn't keep track of the link
    – magdmartin
    Commented Sep 13, 2016 at 2:03

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I have added this phrase:

If your question is not closely related to programming, please consider asking your question on https://opendata.stackexchange.com.

to the excerpts of the following tags on Stack Overflow:

One could flag an appropriate question, then select "in need of moderator intervention", then type something like "should be migrated to opendata.stackexchange.com".

BTW, more than 35% of our tags have their "counterparts" on Stack Overflow. These tags are:

accelerometer, analysis, api, astronomy, audio, authenticity, bank, bittorrent, calendar, categories, census, city, ckan, classification, crowdsourcing, csv, data.gov, database, dbpedia, demographics, dictionary, documentation, doi, download, economics, edgar, email, energy, environment, excel, fasttext, finance, french, genome, geocoding, geospatial, github, global, hadoop, html, irs, japanese, json, kml, licensing, linked-data, longitudinal, machine-learning, mapping, maps, media, medical, metadata, migration, mooc, music, names, nlp, noaa, normalization, odata, ontology, openrefine, openstreetmap, parking, parsing, pdf, photos, polling, population, postal-code, privacy, products, publishing, pubmed, python, r, rdf, real-time, reliability, rest, search-engine, security, sentiment-analysis, shopping, social-media, socrata, space, sparql, sql, standards, state, survey, text, time-series, traffic, translation, trust, untagged, visualization, weather, wikidata, wikimedia-commons, wikipedia, wiktionary, wkt, word2vec, wordnet, xml

  • Using their tags is a great idea, thanks!
    – Nicolas Raoul Mod
    Commented Jan 22, 2018 at 3:43

Data requests on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) SE are tagged with data


The data tag description says:

Questions seeking data (except commercial) recommendations are usually better asked at the Open Data Stack Exchange


Any collection of related facts arranged in a particular format; often, the basic elements of information that are produced, stored, or processed by a computer.

The tag is designed to use for questions seeking commercial GIS data.

If you seek Open Data then your question should be posted on the Open Data Stack Exchange instead. That Stack Exchange has tags that include geospatial, gis, maps and openstreetmap.

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